4pm, 30 April 2015, as part of 'The Point is This', at Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen, as part of the SonADA Festival

16 May, 2015 at the Wonders Jeju Music Festival, South Korea




Love's Suicide (2015)

'Love's Suicide' is a study on love's ability to self-destruct. The film portrays a singular red rose that spontaneously catches fire and incinerates itself into the dying embers of a metamorphosed and deadened frame. This metamorphosis is one in which the object of love is revealed as having a will or life force of its own, a drive that is separate from any discretion the subject might feel within the shadow of seduction. The film follows a trajectory beginning from an initial combustion towards a drawn out and diffuse agony in which the shrinking flame seemingly refuses to extinguish itself. Commenting upon the tendency of love to burn hard and fast only to gradually wane and expire, 'Love's Suicide' encapsulates this annihilation as both self-generating and self-perpetuating: as an irreversible act of fate.

Film: Imogene Newland

Sound: Suk-Jun Kim