'...an intimate view of movement and sound, dancer and piano, one merging into the other...' (Malaika Sarco-Thomas, Winter Dance Gathering)


16.30pm, 29 August 2009, as part of a live improvised performance inside a freight container, OUTSIDE ISEA, Waterfront Hall, Belfast

8pm, 25 September 2009, as part of a live improvised performance, Cathedral Quarter Culture Night, The Potthouse, Belfast and film at Dance Resource Base, Belfast.

2.30pm, 28 October 2009, as part of a lecture-recital, CIM09, Couvent de Cordeliers, Paris

4 December 2009, Winter Dance Gathering, University College Falmouth's Dartington Campus



Play (2009)

'Play' portrays the state of being arising during piano improvisation. Following a climactic trajectory, the film explores musical experience as a transgressive act, beginning with minute muscle movements produced via the sense of touch through increasing intensity to full bodily participation. By combining footage of dance and piano improvisation in an ambiguous manner, 'Play' explores music as a sensuous and essentially corporeal activity that results in a momentary illusion of symbiosis between body and instrument.

Director / Performer: Imogene Newland

Filmed by: Conan McIvor

Sound: Dave Bird