'...unforgettable, spectacular, innovative, exciting and (this being dear to my heart) creatively disrespectful of constricting artistic divides' (George Dillistone, Devon Festival of Performing Arts)


8pm, 18 June 2003, Dartington College of Arts, Devon

Radio Broadcasts: Resonance 104.4FM, June 2003, performance recording by Alfredo Genovesi







1993 (2003)

'1993' combines piano performance with gesture based movement. Four speakers, slashed and filled with sand, feathers, gravel and dead flies utter distorted memories that spill onto the live action. Interaction between sound creating movement and movement creating sound is paired with the deliberately ambiguous origins of the pre-recorded materials. This sonic material is used to question the important role of the body within musical performance.

Performer / Concept: Imogene Newland

Sound: Ross Knowles

Video: Andrew Curry