5-8pm, 6 December 2006, Rocombe Farm, Stoketeignhead, Devon



Attempting Play (2006)

'Attempting Play' draws on the event 'Piano Burning' by Annea Lockwood in which a defunct piano was ritually burnt for the purposes of a sound recording. 'Attempting Play' extends 'Piano Burning' into a performative act, focussing on the reaction of the pianist to the act of burning a piano. Here, the experience of the pianist is posited as the failure to attain a sense of physical unity with the piano, which, in the pianist's imagination, has taken on a symbolic animate value. Allowing the piano to burn becomes not a vengeful act but rather a resignation to the human condition of impermanence, in which the piano emerges as an object that is indifferent to change.

Director / Performer: Imogene Newland

Film: Dave Harbott

Sound: Paul Bull

Photography: Chris Parker

Special thanks: Peter & Susanne Redstone, Tim Danemann