5.30pm, 28 September 2007, Dartington College of Arts, Devon




Chiasm (2007)

'Chiasm' literally means 'intertwining'. A term originally coined by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, ‘chiasmus’ refers to the relationship between self and other. In 'Chiasm', the body and piano are presented as being in an inter-subjective, or intertwining relationship.

The sonic material of' Chiasm' was achieved with a feedback loop using the amplified bass strings of the piano. This element combines with pre-recorded piano music through small speakers placed inside the instrument and sub-woofers placed at either end of the performance space. Sympathetic reverberation created by movement is amplified through microphones placed on the lid and soundboard of the piano.

Performer / Concept: Imogene Newland

Sound: Leon Ray Boyden