Funded by Citymoves Dance Agency and Made in Aberdeen's artist bursary via Aberdeen City Council

Courage, resonance without literality and risk-taking’ – John Mackie (poet)

Powerful, compelling & challenging movement delivered with complete commitment’ – Hugh Wallace (audience member)

'Imogene seemed to be able to address the big issues  – birth, physical pain, mental anguish, loss and death – through her extraordinarily expressive choreography.  There is many an author who has spent chapters reflecting on these subjects without getting to the emotional heart of things as Imogene did in her short piece.  This was not just an accomplished performance but an extremely brave one which left me feeling thoughtful and reflective’. (Grianne Cullen, Administator, North East of Scotland Music School)


7.30pm, 5 February 2016, Lower Atrium, The Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University

Created as part of a residency at The Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University from 1-6 February 2016 #earthsoundsabdn

Earth Sounds (2016)

Earth Sounds is a work inspired by the ever-present interactions between the physical body and the land as a metaphor for death and rebirth. As a territory that is both sustaining and destructive, the land and earth have been conceived of – across cultures and through the ages – as a symbol of fertility and transformation. The shifting terrains and tectonic movements of geological landforms express this changing drive towards survival and destruction. The performance employs geophones, a special kind of microphone ordinarily used to detect earthquakes, to pick up low frequency reverberation of the immediate environment, including the dancer's movements within the soil.

Director / Performer: Imogene Newland

Sound: Ross Whyte

Photography: Sid Scott Photography (

Filmed by: Corina Andrian, Adam Johnston & David Newland

Film edited by: Corina Andrian

Special thanks: Michelle Andersen, Natalie Kerr, Judith Logan, Adam Cresser, Green Gorillas