Funded by the Sound and Dance Live Festivals 2016, with further support from Aberdeen City Council and sonADA

Read a review by Sound representative Alan Cooper here.

Hugely powerful and mesmerising performance’ – Sound Festival

Visually and aurally intricate’ – Róisín O’Brien (Dance Journalist)

Pushing the rock is such a seemingly simple idea that you have freighted with meaning and emotion.  Congratulations on this powerful piece’. (Grianne Cullen, North East of Scotland Music School).

I comprehended the set as a Zen garden and the dancer's journey as the relentless toil of a life searching for the authentic self. The granite rock presented images of Sisyphus who rolled a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back and force him to repeat the action endlessly. So many 21st century tasks are similarly laborious, futile and thankless. The slow rate of change of both the movement and the weaving electronic drones helped to focus attention on the delicate sounds of the rock moving over the natural materials - slate, gravel, wood, seaweed...’ Gemma McGregor (composer)


7pm, 21 October 2016, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen




Leylines is a live art performance based on the concept of ley lines created between ancient megaliths and the natural landscape. Exploring ideas around effort, slowness and repetition, a solo performer pushes a granite sphere over amplified materials including gravel, seaweed and corrugated tin roofing. These amplified materials create a sonic backdrop for a prolonged and insistent humming produced by a second performer, who sits motionless to one side of the space. The soundscape explores the relationship between the archaic and the industrial, themes that are reflected in the journey of the rock along a pathway from the natural to the manmade. All of the movement material is directly derived from the physical transportation of the rock, drawing influence from Japanese Butoh and Contact Improvisation.

Performance: Imogene Newland

Sound: Suk-Jun Kim

Photography: Sid Scott for Dance Live 16 (

Costume: Lisa Campbell Designs

Body Drawing: Rebecca Westguard

Set Design: Adam Cresser

Lighting: Simon Gane

Special thanks: Margaret & Alan Milton, Jennifer Clarke, Kadri Sõerunurk