'Excellent…Brilliant…Epic…Amazing. Smashing plates was awesome…The whole thing was awesome! (James, aged 7)

 'The over-riding insistence of replication and repetition made it possible to understand life actions as both the same and ever-changing. Domination is merely one of many cycles.' (SonADA audience member)

'All the sounds made by the dancers pitted against the backdrop of the electronic sounds were particularly interesting… and then the section when they could have been mill workers creating waulking sounds with cloths in the basins was really interesting too.' (Gemma MacGregor, Composer)

4pm, 30 April 2015 at Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen as part of the SonADA Festival



The Point is This (2015)

'The Point is This' explores the relationship between sound, femininity and domestic objects. Employing four dancers and a series of household items, this work examines how sound creates movement and how movement creates sound. The project examines the ways in which behavoir helps to form our identity via the everyday actions that we perform. These actions in turn have an impact on our personal relationships, helping to shape our environment. Each action is invested with different qualities, such as obsession, routine and expectation. Within these different qualities, the interaction between femininity and cleanliness is used to drive forward two extremes of delivery: the pedestrian and the ultra expressive.

Choreography: Imogene Newland

Performers: Ruth Kent, Amy Longmuir, Richard White & Lucy Wilson

Sound: Suk-Jun Kim

Special thanks: Caroline Gausden, Bea Dawkins, Mark Dunsmore

Cover photo: Sid Scott photography (http://www.seeimaginedefine.com)