'… frenetic, breathless, constructive-destructive-reconstructive performance for two dancers...' (Peter Stollery, Sound Festival, Aberdeen)

'Sublime' (audience member, SonADA Festival)

7pm, 3 October 2014 at Seventeen, Aberdeen as part of the SonADA Festival, performed by Mhairi Allan & Imogene Newland
6.30pm, 16 May 2015 at Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, performed by Amy Longmuir & Imogene Newland

Filmed as part of a residency at Riverside East, Robert Gordon University in December 2014.


Tipping Point (2014)

'Tipping Point' is a live art installation for two dancers and musical materials. Employing sheet music and loose piano keys, the dancers appear as two facets of a divided self. This work draws upon an anti-virtuosic aesthetic in order to question the habitual appearance of physical effortlessness found within the concert hall. Both dancers exhibit moments of extraordinary physical skill while at the same time announcing, through vocalization and exaggerated breathing patterns, the intense proposition of pushing one's own corpoeral boundaries. The name 'Tipping Point' is therefore derived from a sense of being off balance, or out of control. The piece provides a visual link between music and breath on the one hand and death and silence on the other.

Choreography: Imogene Newland

Performers: Mhairi Allan & Imogene Newland

Filmed by: Mhairi Allan, Imogene Newland & Andrew Stewart

Film edited by: Imogene Newland

Special thanks: Michelle Anderson

Cover image by: Francesco Sani