Filmed in association with Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast and funded by the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music

7.45pm, 30 October 2010, performance excerpt 'The Rant', Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast as part of the City Dance Festival
5.30pm, 5 November 2010, Student's Union, Queen's University Belfast, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music

Film screenings: 19-25 April 2012Multiplié Dansefestival, Trondheim, Norway

Radio Interviews: Féile 103.2FM with Royce Harper, Imogene Newland, Bahia Ma'ani and Isobel Anderson in November 2010



Woman=Music=Desire (2010)

'WMD' is a devised performance work lasting sixty minutes. Employing five dancers and a cellist, 'WMD' is a loss/absence of the self, a socially-constructed narcissism, erotic mimetic repetitions, anti-virtuosic pleasures, feminisations, fragmented automatons, seductive transgressions and soma in imminent danger of failure.

Choreographer: Imogene Newland

Performers: Sarmen Almond, Michaela Elliot, Paula Guzzanti, Sheena Kelly, Bahia Ma'ani, Maeve McGreevy, Jayne Smith and Laura McGrogan (cello)

Costume: Llinos Griffiths

Sound: Isobel Anderson

Music: Donnacha Dennehy & UNIFORM.

Film: Conan McIvor

Lighting: Emma Walls

Special thanks: Mads Floor Andersen, Oliver Quinn

Cover image: Chris Parker