Created as part of a residency at Seventeen, Aberdeen, from 23-30 August 2014 in conjunction with the development of Tipping Point.


3-4 October 2014, Main Gallery, Seventeen, Aberdeen as part of the SonADA Festival

16-24 May 2015, Main Gallery, Moray Art Centre, Findhorn




The Space Between the Notes (2014)

In music, the space between the notes may refer to an interval, or distance between pitches, that makes up a 'gap' enclosed by the upper and lower limits of two different sounds. This gap might also be conceived as a space that can be heard in between two distinct sounds - a 'silence' that articulates the auditory perception of singular sonic events. In this exhibition I expand the concept of 'the space between the notes' to explore the 'gap' between sheet music and the notes or keys of an instrument. Within this space, it is not an interval or 'silence' that helps to shape and articulate sound, but the presence of the body. This is a bodily presence without which sound cannot occur: neither the 'notes of the written music nor the 'keys' by which sound may be generated will utter a single pitch without the interpolation of a physical instigator to bridge the current between silence and music.

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Photographer: Imogene Newland